Delay Tolerant Networking Research Group

Today Alex announced DTN-2.6.0 & oasys-1.3.0 package feed for OpenWrt Kamikaze (r18047) , so If anyone is interested in using/building DTN2-2.6.0 on embedded devices supported by the Openwrt I have put to together a feed/makefiles for the OpenWrt / kamikaze environment. Below is a package feed for a mercurial build using OpenWrt Kamikaze (r18047) configuration.

src-hg dtnkamikaze

At present this version of the feed build DTN-2.6.0 without BSP support
but it is intended that shall soon. To build DTN2 & oasys in Kamikaze
add the following feed to your Kamikaze environment feed file. This feed
currently only provides Makefiles to build packages for DTN-2.6.0 and
oasys-1.3.0 from the SourceForge DTNRG release repository.

To use this feed you will require a working Kamikaze environment.
Doumentation for OpenWrt and Kamikaze is available here: Once configured you
should be able to select the following packages to be built



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