T.A.Z. or a Cacophony of Communication

I don´t know if you might be curious where all the people went. I mean thousands of cybercitizens that you saw online til 2001, in hundrets of video chat rooms in all locations around the globe.Motivated from an article in the wired magazine , i´ve started my excursions, while the Internet Engeniering Task Force wants to avoid another NAT dilema in ipv6 ( NAT66 ) , the SAM working group creating an “multicast overlay” and the vmeet working group trys to re_invent the idea of remote partizipation, so i´ve found some so called “multi video chat communitys”, like paltalk ( 4 million users ), ivisit ( 4 million downloads ), jmeeting ( several thousends ) whitch worked on my macintosh computer and after a while i figured out, that camfrog is pretty popular with mostly over 100.000 user online.

It has dozens of multiligual ,international rooms with up to 2000 people at once !!, where a lot of kinkyness is involved. 😉

It was founded in 2003 , i believe and looks pretty similar to cuseeme , except that is has better audioquality , registration / profile webinterface and is strictly centralised server oriented.

So my first though was about the hirachical structure ,whitch is´nt very democratic or anarchistic like in the old days. There are several “levels” of memberships , beside of the FREE and PRO version. The FREE versions is very unsatisfactory at all ,you can open just one tiny little video at once, can´t locate people, can´t change font size , cant send files or pictures and private calles does not work ether.

In these so called “virtual rooms” you have about 5 – 10 % women and the rest is male, a crowd of folks begging , demanding, flodding the rooms with commands and more or lesssilly questions , whitch made me think , are these all real people or does most of them think its a videogame ? Mostly acts like they never saw a women in a bikini before ,whitch is true in some countrys, so its pretty embarrasing and a paradise for stalkers and pedofilers at all.
( i was told that people spend over 7000 $+ for PROcode – Server $199.95,hosting, bots ,whitch are only windows executables.!!
The “normal” USER if PRO or FREE is

BLACK = no rights, just have to be nice,

BLUE = is friend and will be recognised as a “regular” in a specific room, then there is
GREEN = means abillity to kick /punish /ban users and

RED = owner or god .whitch see IPadresses, see WHO are YOU watching !! and so on.

So whats the problem with it ?.

So the women are the “real human capital” of each room, any room owner wants to make “THE BEST ” and most popular room on there, so any of them make a women RED /Green immediately after they arrived first time and give them the chance to act wherever they want, the guys are mostly the dumb sheeps on here, they needs allways to behave and be friendly , or he will get kicked /punished or banned with ease.
As soon as a male roomowner for example ,perceived a “closer” relation between a guest ( his kermit features make him do this with ease ) and one of the women , he will try to find a way to make you leave or punish you because he is afraid that you take away a female , possibly to another room and will decrease the traffic and popularity of his room. So its really cyberpimping whats going on there.!!!
The most biggest fear of all is “vidcapping” , you would not believe what happend when a women see herself in another room , possibly with a hacked nick. Thats why most rooms disallow the chinese camcommunity 9158.com whitch allows videocapturing. So the ” show 3 fingers in cam if real rule ” , does have affect in some roomes , even if the most allowing lurkers and soone you have no controll who is watching anyway.
A simple button , witch let a user know that he /she gets captured , would take most of the fear away.

The virtual present idea is a money making machine aswell ,its mostly the only way to send a women a private message because mostly all of them are in “privacy mode” at all, the money will go directly to camfrog and the specific user whitch get the “present” has nothing from it, except that it appears for 30 DAYS on his profile and exipres afterwards!!!.

Solutions ?

So do we really need this ,?

I believe NO,but it could be fun too, if there is a simple way how everybody could “prevent” a specific user watching someone , it would not need this hirarchical structure at all. !!

In a “multicast enabled enviroment” everybody could “stream” audio and video at the same time and everybody could choose what he wants to see and listen too.

A the simple “close my video “feature and the “opensource idea” would decrease all the trouble punishing /banning , jealousy and greedyness at all!!.
It will not prevent all the abuse that i mentioned before , but we´re only humans, so we could give it a try.

So i am still yelling it out, even if nobody wants to hear it “multicast “,
“Decentralization” and “opensource” would be the key solution for making the last camcommunity on the net. !! and i am not talking about the security problems at all. CamFrog Password Disclosure Vulnerability

Camfrog Server installation and configuration on Linux




references :
Camfrog is A Cacophony of Communication

Cacophony Society

The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism


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