ACIS P2P Library and Applications

Overview This library provides a basic P2P framework with the following key features: – Transports layer (UDP, TCP, relay, XMPP, etc) – Structured overlay layer (Symphony) – Distributed Hash Table – VPN (IPOP / SocialVPN / GroupVPN) – XMLRPC Bridge – NAT Traversal using UDP hole punching and relaying The library has been built around mono and can be run on .NET, though special care must be taken to actually compile the soruce in .NET.

Tests This suite contains many tests, both unit and integration tests implemented using nunit. An automated nunit test can be executed by using “nant test” in the root directory.

Examples For simple examples of writing applications, navigate to the directory src/Brunet/Applications/Examples.

Links Brunet — The P2P library – Site out of date (see IPOP for now) IPOP — Internet Protocol over Peer-to-Peer GroupVPN — Using groups as a medium to connect IPOP

SocialVPN — using social links (like IM) as a medium to connect IPOP

Overlay Readme — Creating your own bootstrap overlay and other overlay basics IpopNode Readme — Using IPOP without GroupVPN or SocialVPN


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