Wide area bonjour monopoly


Google TechTalks November 2, 2005 Dr. Stuart Cheshire, Apple Computer http://www.stuartcheshire.org/ ABSTRACT The desirability of making IP networking easy to use has been obvious for many years, but achieving that goal has proved elusive. One day, Stuart Cheshire got tired of fellow Stanford Computer Science PhD students wanting to print from his Mac (via AppleTalk) because they couldn’t work out how to configure their Linux /etc/printcap files to access the network printer they wanted to use via IP, and he decided it was time someone did something about it. Thus began a long saga, beginning with the formation of the IETF “Zero Configuration Networking” working group, and ending where we are today, with widespread adoption of Stuart Cheshire’s Multicast DNS and DNS Service Discovery technology, or “Bonjour”, as Apple likes to call it. Today just about every network printer from just about every printer vendor supports Bonjour, and ships with it enabled by default.

…an interesting post from the apple bonjour dev list


I have configured WAB succesfully and had a (sorry can’t remember which) version of mDNSResponderPosix successfully updating. All this was done only in the clear, not using TSIG. At some point when I upgraded mDNSResponderPosix on my test machines it stopped working. It is my belief that wide area update in mDNSResponderPosix has been broken for several years now, and if you search the history of the list, all attempts to raise or resolve this issue have not met with any response other than ‘it doesn’t seem to work for me either’ from other people trying to get this to work.

This is a great pity, because with such functionality, the OSX WAB community could benefit from vastly larger numbers of resources of embedded Linux & Posix devices.

I am beginning to suspect this is maybe unintentional but default intent of Apple to maintain WA functionality not only just on Apple OS’s, but also only for Apple owned dynamic DNS infrastructure.

What a pity that the Avahi project’s Wide area DNS Update roadmap item has been dormant for over 3 years too. Maybe the harder TSIG roadmap item has been linked to it and held it up. I actually initially don’t care about TSIG. I’d just like to see it all working even in the clear – cross platform and independent of dynamic DNS domain.

If Apple will not fix this, what bounty would convince federico or others to complete this milesone in Avahi to break this monopoly?

I am not only willing to pay, but also willing to coordinate a group of contributors to pay for the efforts.

This has been broken or severely obscure for too many years now.



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