Audio Streaming Info – IETF 79 Beijing, November 7-12, 2010

For all who are Interrested the  79 IETF meeting was held in Beejing from November 7-12

All material is archieved and can be viewed  and entitled to be heard at the links below.

* Below are the audio streaming details.

* Links in the agenda will go live on Sunday Nov 7

* Streaming officially begins Monday Nov 8 at 0900 CST

-Audio Streaming-

All 8 parallel tracks at the IETF 79 meeting will be broadcast starting

with the commencement of working group sessions on Monday, November 8,

2010 at 0900 CST (UTC+*) and continue until Friday the November 12th at

1515 CST. Additionally it is our intention to broadcast the IEPG meeting

occurring on Sunday the 7th starting at 1000 CST.

Because I have been asked several times in the past, note that if you

wish to use the rooms that are being recorded for impromptu meeting

during unscheduled sessions or lunch breaks that you can invite remote

participants to tune in to the appropriate stream. Recording cannot be

guaranteed for unscheduled sessions. Conversely, it should never be

assumed that recording or observation is not occurring on open

microphones, they are after all connected to the Internet.

The links for streaming sources and the schedule are best retrieved from

the IETF tools agenda, which as per Standard operating procedure will be

located here:

A page in the legacy style with links to the archives will also be

available here (it is not presently):

The links and associated playlist channel bindings (in place during the

meeting) will be as follows: Emerald Garden Ballroom 1 Garden Ballroom 3 Jade 1 Pearl Valley Ballroom A Valley Ballroom B Valley Ballroom C


For information on IETF Jabber participation see:

or click on the Jabber links in the tools team agenda once you have a

properly configured jabber/xmpp messaging client.


Webex screen sharing participation is possible for a limited number of

sessions. Consult with your working-group chair or the secretariate for

more information.


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