Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom More Than Ever


Eben Moglen, Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and founder of the Software Freedom Law Center and the http://www.freedomboxfoundation.org

Today has been a big day for press coverage of the foundation and a spreading awareness of our project. We started the day in the NY Times with a piece by Jim Dwyre (Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You). By afternoon there were also pieces in:

  • The Wall Street Journal (Freedom Box Needs A Good User Interface)
  • ZDNet (Freedom Box: Freeing the Internet one Server at a time)
  • techPresident (Egypt, Off Switches, and Internet Fragility)
  • The New York Observer (Debate: Will Americans Ever Own Their Own Servers?)
  • New Europe (Eben Moglen: A free world needs free software)
  • and even the ABA Journal (Law Prof Urges Work on ‘Freedom Box’ to Decentralize the Internet), a legal industry publication.

All these press pieces, and the many related twitter and identi.ca posts, raise some great points about the work we have ahead. We hope to address many of these points over the coming weeks and months as we continue to build the foundation and expand our public activities. All of you who are interested, please stay tuned!


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