Interesting collection:

As you might have guessed, there are literally hundreds of crowdfunding platforms out there. I have spent some time looking at a number of platforms with a view to both understanding what is out there as well as to begin the process of reflecting on what the next generation of crowdfunding models might look like.

In keeping with the principles of crowdsourcing, rather than simply distributing a large document, it might make more sense to treat the entire exercise of examining the crowdsourcing/crowdfunding space using crowdsourcing principles.

To get things started, I have attached a table with a number of different sites/platforms that I have looked at, and have defined a few comparison points. I have also identified what I believe to be unique and interesting models that I will talk more about in subsequent emails to the group.

For now I present the data as is and invite you to engage by commenting, asking questions etc…


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