The Search for a Registry Solution: Experiences of a Small ccTLD

FRED – Free registry for Enum and Domains


  • Support for multiple zones of any level
  • Full history of changes
  • IPv6 support
  • 100% free/open source components (Apache, PostgreSQL, Python etc.)
  • Modularity & configurability
  • High performance

FRED consists of four main components: central registry, registrar interface, public interface and administrators interface as it is shown on the following figure:



cocca – an open registry in java


Blog on installation

CoCCA Open Registry Slideshow

CoCCA on IcannWiki

Official Website

This document is intended to aid registrars who are just starting out with EPP.   Whether you are new to the domain name registrar scene, or if you are growing your domain name registration portfolio with an EPP registry (eg. .name, .info, .pro, .biz, etc…), this document should give you the necessary help to get started.  For those registrars who already have experience with RRP (eg. Verisign’s com/net/org registry), this document contains helpful hints and EPP/RRP comparisons. Helpful Howto for EPP registrars


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