Neelie Kroes launched No Disconnect Strategy with Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg

via techliberation mailing list ( information in german and )


This is no joke or commedy !!


Today EU-Commissioner Neelie Kroes launched an initiative to help net dissidents abroad together with the lobbyist Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, a former German defense minister,

Digital Agenda: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg invited by Kroes to promote internet freedom globally source

Video of the press conference

Media coverage in Germany was pretty strong as the controversial former minister zu Guttenberg still polarises the public in the aftermath of his phd forgery scandal, and his inappropriate late resignation. funding sources are undisclosed. For this project zu Guttenberg just receives travel refunds according to the EU spokesperson. Officially, according to Kroes spokesperson Ryan Heath CSIS is not behind the project, was however listed as his affiliation at the European Commission press conference. We had recently a discussion on accepting funds from defense industries, I would add that alleged ties may endanger dissidents who use these tools.

“The “No Disconnect strategy” will assist people in four ways: Developing and providing technological tools to enhance privacy and security of people living in non-democratic regimes when using ICT. Educating and raising awareness of activists about the opportunities and risks of ICT. In particular assisting activists to make best use of tools such as social networks and blogs while raising awareness of surveillance risks when communicating via ICT.Gathering high quality intelligence about what is happening “on the ground” in order to monitor the level of surveillance and censorship at a given time, in a given place. Cooperation. Developing a practical way to ensure that all stakeholders can share information on their activity and promote multilateral action and building cross-regional cooperation to protect human rights.”




An Invitation to Mr. Guttenberg from telecomix


Digitale Konditoren torten Ex-Verteidigungsminister Guttenberg




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