PeerPoint = Peer-to-Peer Everything

Freedom, Out of the Box! – A Presentation of the FreedomBox” – Elevate 2011 – Forum Stadtpark, 24.10.2011 14:30 mit James Vasile (FreedomBox Foundation)

Why the internet is broken 

[Note: The current version of this paper, thePeerPoint Open Design Specification is a Google Doc that can be collaboratively edited. If you are interested in the latest version or you want to participate in editing the spec go there.]

[This is a back-of-the-envelope first draft of top-level design specifications.]

PeerPoint is an evolving crowdsourced design specification for a suite of integrated peer-to-peer applications to include (but not limited to) social networking, real-time project collaboration, content management, database management, voting, trust/reputation metrics, complementary currency, crowd funding, etc. This specification overlaps with several existing p2p infrastructure and social networking projects but also goes substantially beyond anything yet existing.