rtpMidi – midi jamming over the (inter) net

Found a cool tool called rtpMidi, whitch enables you to play midi Eeents via bonjour over the (inter)net.

The rtpMIDI driver is a network MIDI-driver for Windows operating-systems from XP up to Windows 7.  It can be installed and used on both 32bit and 64bit systems.

Every Apple-computer based on OS X since “Tiger” (10.4) includes a network-MIDI driver as a standard system-component.  You find the configuration of this driver when using spotlight-search for “Audio-MIDI-Setup”.

The rtpMIDI-driver is compatible to the driver contained in OS X.  So you can interface your Windows PC with your Macs in the studio.

Apple has now also implemented network MIDI as part of their Core-MIDI services for iOS 4.2 as well.  So you can now do WiFi-MIDI between your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad and a Windows PC using this driver!

rtpMIDI is implemented as a Windows service.  Therefore it is automatically starts up as soon as the system boots up.  The graphical interface that you can open to configure your network-MIDI-ports just communicates with the service.  So even if you close down the graphical interface, your ports will still continue to be available. Instructions and Software can be found here:



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