Quick status update : After some problems with the old hoster and a few “try outs” I decided to get a reliable vserver in a XEN Enviroment at speedpartner with linux / debian installed and set up a WordPress blog at sourceforge to document further development steps from our openCU project. furthermore we created a wikipedia article

Roozbeeh made great progress in the past weeks with implementing functions from the old cornell , our reference and Pmref and integrating xvid and speex , a royality free en / de coder into openCU.

Due to a few miss conceptual things , we need to migrate from wxwidgets to Qt as soon as possible. Therefore we need a skilled , friendly, Qt developer and GUI wizzard with Mac / BSD /Linux roots , who is interested in an ambitious streaming project.


Download the latest openCU 0.09 Alpha Version , we added “help “menu .

( only XP packages available right now ) and connect . (camera required and port 7648 has to be open),

After connecting ,on your left side you will see a list with partizipants . If you klick on a “username” , his video stream will appear in our openCU application and on his end , an “eye ” will open and shows that he is been watched and vice versa.The next steps will be wide area bonjour integration. We ar greatly appreciate any bug reported to our tracker .

We still waiting for an used Intel MiniMac that should arrive in a few weeks from a friend in japan . This would enable us to create OSX versions of openCU,

More Soon


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