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Das Prinzip von
April 2, 2011, 5:27 pm
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via Dschanoeh

Love data
Data is essential
Data must flow
Data must be used
Data is neither good nor bad
There is no illegal data
Data is free
Data can not be owned
No man, machine or system shall interrupt the flow of data
Locking data is a crime against datanity
Love data

Was für ein tolles tolles Prinzip. Ein paar Leute von Telecomix haben hier versucht zu erklären, warum sie sich für freien Zugang zu Datennetzen und Netzneutralität einsetzen.
Das “data” in datalove ist hierbei nicht nur auf statische Daten zu beziehen sondern meint auch die Kommunikation, also den Fluss von Daten.

Explizit ausgeklammert sind persönliche Daten, von denen niemand möchte, dass sie von von anderen gesehen oder kopiert werden.
Wer jedoch Etwas im Internet veröffentlicht muss sich bewusst sein, dass die Daten von jedem eingesehen werden können. Niemand sollte Andere daran hindern, einmal veröffentlichte Daten einzusehen und weiter zu verbreiten.

Die Politik reguliert heute den Zugriff auf Kommunikationsnetzwerke und kann im Zweifelsfall auch fix mal das Internet abklemmen, Presse zensieren und Menschen die Kommunikation verbieten. Firmen kaufen und verkaufen Daten, wollen den Zugriff massiv kontrollieren. Man kann sich mittlerweile allen Scheiß patentieren lassen und schickt Anwälte los, die dann Geld einklagen.

Das alles sind ziemlich unschöne Entwicklungen, wobei sich doch eigentlich in den letzten Jahren unheimlich viel getan hat im Bezug auf die Einfachheit der Kommunikation. Wo man vor zehn Jahren bei Daten an etwas handfestes wie eine Diskette oder eine CD-ROM dachte hat sich jetzt alles verändert. Man kann den Fluss der Daten förmlich spüren, wenn man auf sozialen Netzwerken wie Twitter oder Facebook kommuniziert, Dateien mit Bittorrent lädt, oder gemeinsam an Dokumenten arbeitet.
Kommunikation ist doch eben das, worum es im Leben eigentlich geht. Das Internet ist gerade dabei, die physikalischen Kommunikationswege in Geschwindigkeit, Eleganz und Einfachheit zu überholen. Das ist sehr großartig und wer weiß, was die nächsten Jahre noch alles passieren wird.

In diesem Sinne: let’s make some datalove ❤


Denial of Service on Camfrog
March 21, 2011, 8:58 am
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As some of you might mentioned ,since camfrog is aquired from paltalk ,
everything is going downhill.Camfrog is under permanent DDOS attack since a week.Read the article over here.

In this video you see how easy it is to compromise the camfrog registration server.
As you can see the IP adress is hardcoded into the camfrog.exe . !


I found this post here on camfrog-community, whitch explains the current situation and why things happen like they do in the past.:

You’re right on and YES the IP address or Domain that Camfrog hard-coded into their application is one of the main reasons why everytime Camfrog Dev Team try and re-code=(patch up) the old application it will just continue to break further and this leads to vulnerability and knowingly leaving the door open for outsiders to DDOS attack their Server. This can be preety nasty and ugly all depending on there layout and network structure that camfrog has in place. The ones to blame for the mess sadly but true would be Camfrogs Dev Team.

What will happen is this (issues will continue to arise for years to come since the actual code has never been changed re-done) except Camfrog has just made the application look nicier for the consumer but unfortunately I’m afraid to say this but they don’t seem to want to remove completly the old buggy code and replace the old buggy code with a newer updated code. Camfrog Dev Team seem to always be working backwards from day 1 and there only re-patching the old buggy file app and there basically stuck today playing a game of snakes and ladders. The most annoying types of behaviour is when Camfrog goes up and down up and down. Now some end users do not think there is any problem with Camfrog but think it has to do with there own internet. Hmmm unfortunately, all of you have had to live with this Camfrog behaviour since the very early days. You all got used to Camfrog going up and down like a monkey. As a Professional, it is NOT worth the money to sell to a customer a buggy App!

I have seen way too many Applications fail in no-time in my career because of the lack of true professional development experiance. Camfrog Dev Team lack this type of PRO DEV experiance in so many ways and to me personally as a Professional Dev, Camfrog should of hired real Professional Developers years ago when the Application was first built up. These are just basic facts that anyone can ask a True Professional Dev who holds a real degree in computer Science/Technology.

I don’t think any of Camfrogs Developers qualify as real DEV programmers in which is very sad to see and this leads to very poor programming skills as we can all see up to date. There is a huge differance in the programming world and I will compare it the same way so that most of you will have a much better picture, it’s like holding a drivers licence, If you can actually drive and know the updated regulations then there is no excuses and this is almost the same way in computer programming. Again, non-degree developers get paid less which takes more time and you will notice more constant failures down the road and this what Camfrog has been going threw since its early stages with the Camfrog application. A second benefit of having a professional DEV is so that it shows that you’re able to commit to a long-term project and succeed with ultimate results even after so many years. Still, I believe that Camfrog will fail within very little time because the CEO has decided he doesn’t care about the Development of his Application and just wants a free ride from his paying consumers which to me is unacceptable.

If I had the money to purchase Camfrog, I would first fire all the current so-called DEV Team and their sorry asses. First of all you never hard code IP’s into any code duh,duh,duh. What do Camfrog un-educated Devs think let’s all work backwards? Seriously your idiots and that stupid I mean honestly I would fire all of you and hire my own PROF DEV Team to fix your buggy crap.

Camfrogers are going to be waiting a very very long time before Camfrog becomes less buggy, like I said it matters in the real world to be a Real Dev Programmer because technology never remains the same its constantly upgrading and it seems though that Camfrogs Dev TEAM are working with 2 decades ago technology and this will greatly increase the odds of surviving in today’s world when you lack the Real Prof Dev degree!

Camfrog is not going re-write the code are you kidding me there going to keep the same shitty buggy code, because the cost of it now to repair the damage thats already done would be way to expensive amd time consuming for any Pro DEV to re-code from the ground upwards. The CEO of Camfrog is enjoying all of this downtime and he’s banking on his consumers money.

Until the customer reports add up and Camfrog System no longer works, You and I really don’t know what to expect as this has been going on for so many years with Camfrog and people have a right to keep talking about this, for the amount of money you all pay Camfrog for their service I would expect alot more uptime and backing from them. But their feedback system on their blog and thier forum is childish and very unprofessional from the Admin and not to mention he is very one sided. I will always support the protection of members and if Camfrog doesn’t do the same the consumers will begin to leave.

Furthermore you guys should UNBAN a few countrys and read something about DATALOVE