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New server , new luck…..
October 23, 2011, 3:21 am
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Since some folks try to hack my webserver and phishing facebook  accounts ( see left screenshot ,the php script is linked with image ) and  uploadet banking malware from the royal bank of canada and the citizenbank ( see screenshot below )via a wordpress vulnerability onto my webserver and i had several  hacking attempts , my server was used for a few outgoing  DDos attacks (see screenshots below ).

Subject: Fraudulent site, please shut down! [RBC 11217] IP: Domain:

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 04:23:45 +0300

From: <>

Dear Sirs:

RSA , an anti-fraud and security company, is under contract to assist

Royal Bank of Canada and its related entities (“RBC”) – A leading

Canadian bank – in preventing or terminating online activity that

targets RBC’s clients as potential fraud victims.

RSA has been made aware that*you appear to be providing Internet

Services to a fraudulent Web site*, which is part of a “phishing scam”*.

This activity violatesRBC’s copyright, trademark and other intellectual

property rights and may violate the criminal laws ofCanada, the United

States and other nations.

E-mail messages have been broadly distributed to individuals by a person

or entity pretending to beRBC. These e-mails useRBC’s name and identity

(including trademarks) without authorization. The e-mails request

recipients to verify and submit sensitive details related to theirRBC


*Within the fraudulent e-mail message, there is a link that leads the

recipients to a fraudulent website displaying****RBC’s**copyrighted

materials and trademarks. The fraudulent website is located at the

following URL address


which you provide services and which is under your control.*

The fraudulent website not only represents a misuse ofRBC’s intellectual

property; its purpose is to improperly obtain personal information ofRBC

customers in order to fraudulently access their bank accounts. The

people behind those websites typically perpetrate identity-theft related

activities, such as using customer’s credit cards or bank accounts

without authorization. In addition, since the vast majority of all of

the e-mails are not being sent to actualRBC customers, the actions serve

to damage the reputation and image of RBC.

*Please take all necessary steps to immediately shut down the fraudulent

website, terminate its availability to the Internet and discontinue

the****transmission of any e-mails associated with this website.*

*We understand that you may not be aware of this improper use of your

services and we appreciate your cooperation. We specifically would ask

that you also take the following actions:*

• Please provide us with a tar/zip file of the source code for this

site, so that we may analyze it to help prevent further attacks.

• If any customer data has been captured that is stored on your systems

or equipment, please send us that data so that the customers to whom

that data relates can be notified and take steps to protect their credit.

• Please provide a copy of any records you maintain that indicate the

name, contact information, method of payment or similar information that

may be useful in helping learn the identity and location of the customer

for whom the website has been operated.

Thank you for your cooperation to prevent and terminate this fraudulent




RSA Anti Fraud Command Center

Tel: +44(0)800-032-7751 (UK)

Tel: +1-866-408-7525 (US)

Tel: + 1-800-406-8651 (CA)

Fax: +972-9-9728101 (EU)

Fax: +1-212-208-4644 (US)



For more information about RSA’s AFCC _



*cc:*Royal Bank of Canada

_Computer Security Incident Response Team_, RBC Information Security


Address: 315 Front St. W. – 13th Flr, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A4

Tel: +1 – 416-348-4498

Fax: +1 – 416-348-2751

Email: _CSIRT@rbc.com_ <>


*”Phishing” is an e-mail scam that attempts to trick consumers into

revealing personal information, such as their credit or debit account

numbers, checking account information, Social Security Numbers, or

banking account passwords, through an imposter’s Web site or in a reply



NSA Chief: China Behind RSA Attacks

Chinese steal a “great deal” of military-related intellectual property, and were responsible for last year’s attacks on cybersecurity company RSA, Gen. Keith Alexander tells Senators.




Denial of Service on Camfrog
March 21, 2011, 8:58 am
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As some of you might mentioned ,since camfrog is aquired from paltalk ,
everything is going downhill.Camfrog is under permanent DDOS attack since a week.Read the article over here.

In this video you see how easy it is to compromise the camfrog registration server.
As you can see the IP adress is hardcoded into the camfrog.exe . !


I found this post here on camfrog-community, whitch explains the current situation and why things happen like they do in the past.:

You’re right on and YES the IP address or Domain that Camfrog hard-coded into their application is one of the main reasons why everytime Camfrog Dev Team try and re-code=(patch up) the old application it will just continue to break further and this leads to vulnerability and knowingly leaving the door open for outsiders to DDOS attack their Server. This can be preety nasty and ugly all depending on there layout and network structure that camfrog has in place. The ones to blame for the mess sadly but true would be Camfrogs Dev Team.

What will happen is this (issues will continue to arise for years to come since the actual code has never been changed re-done) except Camfrog has just made the application look nicier for the consumer but unfortunately I’m afraid to say this but they don’t seem to want to remove completly the old buggy code and replace the old buggy code with a newer updated code. Camfrog Dev Team seem to always be working backwards from day 1 and there only re-patching the old buggy file app and there basically stuck today playing a game of snakes and ladders. The most annoying types of behaviour is when Camfrog goes up and down up and down. Now some end users do not think there is any problem with Camfrog but think it has to do with there own internet. Hmmm unfortunately, all of you have had to live with this Camfrog behaviour since the very early days. You all got used to Camfrog going up and down like a monkey. As a Professional, it is NOT worth the money to sell to a customer a buggy App!

I have seen way too many Applications fail in no-time in my career because of the lack of true professional development experiance. Camfrog Dev Team lack this type of PRO DEV experiance in so many ways and to me personally as a Professional Dev, Camfrog should of hired real Professional Developers years ago when the Application was first built up. These are just basic facts that anyone can ask a True Professional Dev who holds a real degree in computer Science/Technology.

I don’t think any of Camfrogs Developers qualify as real DEV programmers in which is very sad to see and this leads to very poor programming skills as we can all see up to date. There is a huge differance in the programming world and I will compare it the same way so that most of you will have a much better picture, it’s like holding a drivers licence, If you can actually drive and know the updated regulations then there is no excuses and this is almost the same way in computer programming. Again, non-degree developers get paid less which takes more time and you will notice more constant failures down the road and this what Camfrog has been going threw since its early stages with the Camfrog application. A second benefit of having a professional DEV is so that it shows that you’re able to commit to a long-term project and succeed with ultimate results even after so many years. Still, I believe that Camfrog will fail within very little time because the CEO has decided he doesn’t care about the Development of his Application and just wants a free ride from his paying consumers which to me is unacceptable.

If I had the money to purchase Camfrog, I would first fire all the current so-called DEV Team and their sorry asses. First of all you never hard code IP’s into any code duh,duh,duh. What do Camfrog un-educated Devs think let’s all work backwards? Seriously your idiots and that stupid I mean honestly I would fire all of you and hire my own PROF DEV Team to fix your buggy crap.

Camfrogers are going to be waiting a very very long time before Camfrog becomes less buggy, like I said it matters in the real world to be a Real Dev Programmer because technology never remains the same its constantly upgrading and it seems though that Camfrogs Dev TEAM are working with 2 decades ago technology and this will greatly increase the odds of surviving in today’s world when you lack the Real Prof Dev degree!

Camfrog is not going re-write the code are you kidding me there going to keep the same shitty buggy code, because the cost of it now to repair the damage thats already done would be way to expensive amd time consuming for any Pro DEV to re-code from the ground upwards. The CEO of Camfrog is enjoying all of this downtime and he’s banking on his consumers money.

Until the customer reports add up and Camfrog System no longer works, You and I really don’t know what to expect as this has been going on for so many years with Camfrog and people have a right to keep talking about this, for the amount of money you all pay Camfrog for their service I would expect alot more uptime and backing from them. But their feedback system on their blog and thier forum is childish and very unprofessional from the Admin and not to mention he is very one sided. I will always support the protection of members and if Camfrog doesn’t do the same the consumers will begin to leave.

Furthermore you guys should UNBAN a few countrys and read something about DATALOVE


Problems with camfrog
October 6, 2010, 3:59 pm
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A letter from a concerned roomowner…

Hi my camfrog nick is “_kiss_my_ass_” aka “Raverbaby69“, I have been on camfrog for 4 years now and have had a lot of fun on the programme over that time, although recently I have not been on camfrog so much due to all the camfrog drama and bullshit, I was a main owner of  X_NAUGHTY_L1TTiE_H0TT1ES_X until recently when I finally had enough of it and port_5canners little minions flooding other room’s servers all the time to make sure that X_NAUGHTY_L1TTiE_H0TT1ES_X was always top of the 18+ room list, because as long as hotties is number 1 room port_5canner can get male’s who want to be RED in the room to pay a hefty donation monthly to have RED in the room, and line port_5canners pocket’s, and believe me he makes a very good living out of the room at everybody else’s expence!!!! (FACT’s)

As for everything else on camfrog well anyone that has been on the programme for longer than a couple of years will know that camfrog has dramatically gone downhill, what with the constant room flood’s and rooms being offline for hours, hacker’s taking peoples usernames and pro-codes, and not to mention the fact that sometimes it takes hours for people to actually get on camfrog because thier central server is offline, or they are having problems with the so called updates which seem more of a down-grade lately!.

Also on the issue of camfrog’s admin and TOS they are about as usefull as an aids infected condom in a  whorehouse! there is no point emailing them with any issue’s you may have because for the most part you will be completely ignored! or if you are complaining about someone they will pass the email complaint on to the person you have complained about, this has been done to me personally so yes i do know what i am talking about!!!.
happy frogging people
_kiss_my_ass_ aka Raverbaby69.

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Camfrog TOS rules broken