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Realtime face detection on the iPhone
December 5, 2010, 7:36 pm
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iphone + opencv = win

The good people @ have posted a guideline on how to compile OpenCV on iPhone and link them as static libraries, and I followed it. I did have to recompile it with one change – OpenCV needed zlib linkage, and the OpenCV configure script wasn’t able to config the makefiles to compile zlib as well. So I downloaded zlib from the net, and just added all the files to the XCode project to compile and link. If you’re trying to recreate this, remember to configure/build zlib before adding the files to XCode so you get a zconf.h file.

Now OpenCV linked perfectly.

All in all it was really not a big deal to compile OpenCV to the iPhoneOS. I imagined it will be much harder


Live TV Streaming to iPhone – George Bray
March 28, 2010, 6:55 am
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This “How To” recipe builds a transcoder to process live multicast streams into live and on-demand streams suitable for iPhone and similar devices.

This single-stream example uses a multicast transport stream containing MPEG-2, but could easily use a multicast or unicast stream in a different format. This example runs on Xserve and MacPro machines, it’s a requirement that mediastreamsegmenter runs on OS X.

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Thanks great work George