Multimedia-Anwendungen im Internet

Ein Empfohlenes und lesenswertes Dokument in deutscher Sprache: Attila S. Suiçmez Master-Thesis (in German only). The six main aspects covered are:

  • History and structure of the Internet as the Pre-Information Superhighway
  • the relevance of the Information Superhighway as the global network for multimedia applications
  • the World Wide Web as today’s existing and global multimedia enabling technology
  • AV-Programms for use on the Internet
  • Apple Computer’s QuickTime Media Layer as a framework and technological concept for the integration of time based data on the Inter-PC (QT 3 and the iMac weren’t born yet, when I wrote this 😉
  • the MBONE as a virtual backbone of the Internet, which by using multicasting is an important concept for distributed multimedia. 

mirror Multimedia-Anwendungen im Internet © Attila S. Suiçmez source Multimedia-Anwendungen im Internet


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